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“I have been waiting for your incredible truffles since my daughter gave me some for the holidays last year. She has such good taste! Patiently yours,”
“My family has fallen in love with your chocolate since
we received it as a gift a little while ago,Thank you”
S Sadighim
“Hi we are looking forward to enjoying some of those wonderful chocolates!!!!
“I have been scouring for your amazing treats. One of my greatest friends and I bonded last year by experiencing your unbelievable truffles. I want to surprise her for her birthday by sending her some. Thank you :)”
Your truffles are amazing and I’ve been waiting since christmas last year for the opportunity to buy some.Thanks!”
“I am a Doctor in NYC and loved your chocolate truffles”
Hi – My family and I enjoyed a lovely tin of chocolate truffles that I purchased prior to Christmas at the Columbus Circle holiday market. I have checked your website occasionally this year to see if I could order more for myself, my mother in Virginia (who delighted in them) and m grandmother who could use a cheerful package. Best,”
“My mom fell in love with it at the Union Square Holiday Market and I’d love to surprise her with some.”Thanks!
“Got to have some more.Thanks,”
“I tasted you superb truffles in the NYC chocolate show and have been wanting to include them in our ‘customer appreciation campaign”
“I purchased them when you were in NYC at Columbus circle and I had a craving!”Thank you!
Judith Davison
“I absolutely LOVE your chocolate. Thanks so much. Happy day!”
“I have purchased your pieces every holiday when I was living in New York. I live in Dallas now and want my friends to know what they are missing.Best,”
F Khan
“I would like to order up to 24 boxes of truffles. I was given a box last year and and loved it so much that I hope to give one to everyone I know this year.
Your product is amazing; Best wishes for your success!”
Karle Maurer
“Yum, yum, yum;
Please send me some;
I can’t survive
On chewing gum.

I ask you why
You’ve no supply;
Without my Truff-
I’ll surely die.

So please just try
To resupply,
Then e-mail me;
Just hit REPLY.”

“I would love to order your yummy and I PROMISE no chewing allowed!
Love Love Love, Thank you very much”
“Best Truffles in the world – Last time I had your truffles was in NY and since then I am addicted to that stuff”
I guess I can hold out ’til fall, but it won’t be easy!
My God, they’re GOOD!!!
“Everyone loved the truffles that I bought in New York last year and had I known they would be such a hit, I would have bought more.”
“Hi! I’d love to order more of you chocolates. Please let me know when I can order more. So good!”
“My cousin gave these to me for a present and I can not stop thinking about them.They are truly the best things I have ever eaten. Honest!! Thank you,
Stephanie Shanholtzer
“I was just introduced to your amazing truffles and I’m crushed to know I can’t order them now, but I look forward to the announcement when I can.
Thanks so much.”
“Now that many of us are hooked on the truffles, I’d be willing to pay extra extra if you could find a few spare boxes kicking around… plus it would give me a reason to visit nyc again. Thank you,”
“Had some of your delicious truffles over the Holidays- wanted to order some for friends & family for Valentines Day”
I am a HUGE chocolate lover. While Christmas shopping at Roosevelt Field, Long Island, there were samples at a kiosk for your chocolate. My husband and son tried some and waved me over it I, being a chocolate snob said no. They begged me to try it and when I did I was like in HEAVEN. I bought a tin for us and eventually came back for more for gifts. Love this chocolate!
“I was enchanted by your truffles last fall while in a trip to NY. Talk about the best piece of chocolate EVER!….“little pieces of heaven”. Unfortunately I will not be traveling to NY this year but will definitely buy them online. Can’t wait to get more!!! Thanks.”
“My wife is addicted to your truffles and will accept no substitutes. Help keep the divorce rate down by providing a clue as to when they will be available on line.
Please keep me on your mailing list. It’s cold sleeping in the car”
“My wife and I discovered them on a trip to NYC last November — and fell in love.Thanks!”
Bob Bittner
“Your chocolate is the best!!
“I was wondering when you will be having more of your delicious chocolates in stock. I love them and I want to get some for friends and family”
“I had them at the NYC chocolate fair, bought a box and loved them”
I purchased some of your truffles at the 2010 Chocolate Show in NY; I enjoyed them so much … online I can purchase your wonderful truffles.Sincerely,”
“I would love to send them as gifts.Thanks”
“Myself and my friend bought chocolates from your stall at the Union Square market at Christmas – and are now addicted!”
“You chocolate is amazing!!!! It’s absolutely the best chocolate I have ever had!!
K Diaz
“I received a box for Christmas and fell in love and can’t wait to get some for myself and to give as gifts. Thanks much,”
J Pickhardt
“I have met you on several occasions around the city, and enjoyed purchasing your truffles both as gifts and for my family. They are wonderful!”
“I received a box of your scrumptious truffles as a gift from my cousin, and would like to have some more.”