About Us

We are driven to recreate the true experience of enjoying chocolate, something that is akin to a reminiscent childhood memory of pure enjoyment that we all share—indulging ourselves with the taste and aroma, exploring the texture, enjoying the smoothness, allowing our senses to savor it to the full extent…

Sought after by chocolate lovers around the world, No Chewing Allowed! fine Truffles and Hot Chocolate present a uniquely defined taste, smoothness and melting profile—delivering a truly exceptional experience.

Original French Truffles

No Chewing Allowed! Superior quality Truffles will impress and satisfy even the most discerning palate, delivering a rich, exquisite taste and smoothness. Made in France for three quarters of a century, these Truffles carry on the roots of the traditional French Truffle, which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Superb for personal indulgence and gift giving alike.

Premium Hot Chocolate

No Chewing Allowed! Premium Semi-sweet Hot Chocolate Mix is made of cocoa liquor—pure chocolate in its liquid form, granting a distinct and complete chocolate taste. Cocoa liquor contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter to ensure that the richness and purity of chocolate is preserved for your absolute enjoyment.
When served we top it off by dropping in one of our Truffles for a truly sensational cup of Hot Chocolate.

“I have been scouring for your amazing treats. One of my greatest friends and I bonded last year by experiencing your unbelievable truffles. I want to surprise her for her birthday by sending her some. Thank you :)”
“Best Truffles in the world – Last time I had your truffles was in NY and since then I am addicted to that stuff”
“Everyone loved the truffles that I bought in New York last year and had I known they would be such a hit, I would have bought more.”
“I would like to order up to 24 boxes of truffles. I was given a box last year and and loved it so much that I hope to give one to everyone I know this year.
Your product is amazing; Best wishes for your success!”
Karle Maurer
“I purchased them when you were in NYC at Columbus circle and I had a craving!”Thank you!
Judith Davison
“I have been waiting for your incredible truffles since my daughter gave me some for the holidays last year. She has such good taste! Patiently yours,”