French Chocolate Truffles

National Chocolate Day

How do you celebrate The Sweetest Day of the year?

Here at No Chewing Allowed®, we honor our delectable chocolate truffles in the same manner we do every day—by not chewing them! There is nothing quite like the sensation of a velvety truffle slowly melting on the tongue; infusing your taste buds with the exquisite delight that only a truffle from No Chewing Allowed® can provide.

Doesn’t it make you want to Share?

While many of our customers prefer to keep our scrumptious confections for themselves, some actually share a bit of bonbon bliss with friends and family. On a special day such as this, what could make a more perfect gift than a tin of No Chewing Allowed® Truffles? Remember: Chocolate is like love—it’s always sweeter when it’s shared!

The holidays are just around the corner. Put your No Chewing Allowed® Truffle order in early and make someone’s holiday perfectly sweet!

Vendor Spotlight: No Chewing Allowed!

UrbanSpace’s Union Square and Columbus Circle Holiday Markets are shopping meccas; however, out of hundreds of vendors, No Chewing Allowed! is a perennial standout.  In my humble opinion, their hot chocolate (complete with a French truffle at the bottom) singlehandedly makes shopping outdoors in December a warm and fuzzy experience.  And while you’re picking up your drink, you can purchase a few gift boxes for your chocolate loving friends and family members.  Truly a win-win.

In anticipation for No Chewing Allowed!’s return to the holiday markets this season, we sat down and chatted with Lior Genzel about the business, the truffles and what’s next for the brand.

1. How did No Chewing Allowed! begin? What was the impetus behind starting the business?

It’s a funny story actually, that goes a long way back. When I was very little my mother was preparing my older sister for her first day of school. Big excitement in the house…. so to keep me from interfering she gave me a piece of chocolate. Well,  when she checked on me again, I was covered with melted chocolate all over, hands, mouth, face, shirt, even the wall behind. I was the happiest child on earth with a million dollar smile on my face. A picture was taken, and that was the beginning of my affair with chocolate.  
Years later, with more industry knowledge, I was driven to re-create the true experience of enjoying chocolate, somehow like this burned childhood memory we all share. Enjoying the smoothness, texture and taste to the full extent. 
When we first introduced our truffles we noticed customers quickly chewing the samples and missing on capturing the whole experience. We pleaded, “No Chewing Allowed!” And the brand name was born.

2. People who try your truffles immediately fall in love with them, myself included. What makes your truffles different from other truffles?

Our truffles are different by taste, melting point and smoothness. Together with following the “No Chewing” instructions we believe they are delivering a truly unique experience. Made in France for three quarters of a century they carry on the roots of the traditional French truffle, which have been passed on from generation to generation.

3. Why no chewing?

If you’re chewing it, you’re missing it! Missing the experience.

Here’s what you do: squeeze the truffle gently between your tongue and upper palate. It will start to melt immediately. Move it around your mouth and feel the rich flavor comes alive. Enjoy the creamy feel of smoothness… mmm!

4. You’re a veteran of UrbanSpace’s Union Square and Columbus Circle Holiday Markets. What do you enjoy about the market experience?

Union Square and Columbus Holiday Markets offer an amazing diversity of small businesses who are putting their heart and soul into creating unique and wonderful products.  Visitors from all over the world recognize and appreciate it, all together creating an amazing fun atmosphere. We cannot wait to be a part of it again. 

5. What’s next for you guys?

Last year we introduced a limited addition of new flavors, the response was awesome and they quickly ran out.  So this year we are coming back with even more new flavors and packages. Our goal is to expand our line of products and create new and exciting experience every year. Come and try them out!

About Rachel Van Dolsen

Rachel is the Principal and Founder of RVD Communications. In addition to handling PR, Social Media and assorted fun projects for UrbanSpace, she also works with restaurants, bars and hospitality clients in NYC and Brooklyn.




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MET Gala After-party by PRADA and VOGUE!

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Chocolate as Vegetable

Shape and deep rich taste are not the only reasons chocolate Truffles are named after the rarified earthy mushrooms adored by Frenchmen and gourmets everywhere.  While a confection, chocolate truffles are made from the very natural and amazing cocoa bean which has many healing medicinal properties.  Dark chocolate actually contains more free radical fighting polyphenols and flavanols than fruit juice!

Here’s a sure prescription for staying happy and healthy on these frigid winter days and nights:  Bundle up. Boil water.  And have yourself a cup of scrumptious No Chewing Allowed hot cocoa, along with few melt-in- your-mouth No Chewing Allowed chocolate Truffles.  Chocolate heaven on earth!

Have the sweetest New Year—with chocolate Truffles from No Chewing Allowed!

Beginnings are auspicious.  In many cultures, special foods are eaten as part of the celebration of the New Year.  While traditions vary widely, there is one common theme: good luck.  Whatever one eats on New Year will bring good fortune.  Green will bring money, sweet will bring joy.  Each holiday food embodies a heady combination of celebration, a good omen, a wish and a prayer.
Start 2013 out in a happy and pleasurable way with scrumptious chocolate Truffles imported from France and hot cocoa mixes, where they are lovingly crafted in a family tradition handed down for generations.  Happy and very very sweet New Year to you and yours!