Why No Chewing…?

Well…if you are chewing it, 

you’re missing it! 

Missing the experience…

Squeeze it gently between your tongue and upper palate.
It will start to melt immediately. Move it around your mouth
and feel the rich flavor comes alive.
Enjoy the creamy feel of smoothness…..Mmmm….

Made in France for three quarters of a century we carry on the
roots of the traditional French Truffle, which have been passed on
from generation to generation.

No Chewing Allowed! Truffles will impress and satisfy even the
most discerning palate, delivering a rich, exquisite taste and
smooth profile. Superb for personal indulgence and gift-giving
alike, an opportunity to please yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy, and please remember…..NO CHEWING ALLOWED! Just let it melt in your mouth.

Our fine Truffles are sensitive to heat, please keep in a dry and cool place up to 65° F. If kept refrigerated allow them to warm back to room temperature before serving.